Black & White weaves a beautiful, emotional story, and presents a contrast in more than just the title: from the hard-hitting pop/rock single "She's Gone" to the gentle, tender acoustic "More of You" to the upbeat, fun yet laid-back "My Love", the album artfully navigates the highs and lows of a young woman's life as she learns lessons of love, heartbreak, loss, and ultimately how to live with confidence in herself and have hope in the future.


releases 15 August 2015

© 2015 Mason Zgoda
All songs written by Mason Zgoda
Executive Producer: Nathan Dowdy
Assistant Producer: Jordan Minor

Mason Zgoda: Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals
Nathan Dowdy: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Percussion
Jordan Minor: Electric Guitar/Banjo/Percussion/Vocals
Sam Brown: Bass, Piano
Josh Kelley: Drums

Produced and Recorded by Nathan Dowdy
At Studio 13 in Charlotte, NC
Engineered for Mix by Sam Brown and Nathan Dowdy at Hornet’s Nest Studios and Front Porch Studios
Mixed by Nathan Dowdy at Front Porch Studios in Charlotte, NC
Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony Mastering in Boston, MA

Creative Direction: Mason Zgoda
Art Direction/Design: Nathan Dowdy
Photography: Amanda Macquade
Calligraphy: Kimberly Powell
Project Support & Coordination: Nathan Dowdy, Jordan Minor
Pre-Production Consulting: Stephen Bellaire
Promotion/Distribution: Nathan Dowdy Media, Bella Love Media